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Some of our projects in development...

Luka Pooka. 52 x 11 min TV series

52 x 11 min CGI series for pre-school boys and girls


Join mischievous sprite Luka Pooka and his friends on their fun-filled adventures as they learn about life in the magical world of Tir na Nogue.



Luka Pooka ruff animatic


BOB'S JOBS 52 x 11 min TV series

Join Bob and his friends Pixel and Bump as they get to grips with a brand new job in every episode. It's fun to learn the ropes along with Bob and watch as he more often than not gets into a bit of a tangle.


Below is a work in progress animatic for the pilot episode. Password provided on request.




BOB'S JOBS ruff animatic


Katie Baloney saves the world. 26x26 min TV series


Joey O Toole & Finn McCool. 52 x 11 min comedy adventure

Modern day kid Joey O Toole teams up with Ancient Celtic warrior Finn Mc Cool to bring an army of escaped mythical spirits back to their own realm.  




Bot Com. 5 min short

Walter lives with George his sickly pet parrot in a bed-sit run by pet-hating landlady Misses Higgins.  The companionship of an agoraphobic flightless parrot isn't enough for him so he buys himself the new ROBOT COMPANION 4000 (BOTCOM) which is sure to improve his life. A mix-up in the post office sends a  ‘SMOKERS FRIEND’ instead! This pig of a robot is an instant disaster and proceeds to wreak havoc in the apartment, invoking the wrath of Misses Higgins! Turns out Misses Higgins got the Botcom meant for Walter and vice versa! Poor George gets the boot anyway but don't worry... he does find love in the end.



Rough storyboard animatic...


Walter turnaround...